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أقسام الأكاديمية

دروس في اللغة الإنجليزية


تتشرف إدارة الأكاديمية العربية البريطانية للتعليم العالي بتقديم مجموعة من الدروس في اللغة الإنجليزية و ذلك بشكل مجاني لزوار موقع الأكاديمية الأعزاء، و ذلك بصيغة ملفات PDF يمكن الاطلاع عليها من خلال الروابط التالية:


An Introduction to English

Lesson 1 Introduction to English Spelling

Lesson 2 To have or not to have and to be verbs

Lesson 2 Verbs and irregular verbs

Lesson 2 Verbs

Lesson 2 What makes english tick

Lesson 3 Adjectives

Lesson 3 Conclusions

Lesson 3 deplacing and describing nouns

Lesson 4 Negatives and Questions

Lesson 4 Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns

Lesson 4 The Apostrophe

Lesson 5 Going on doing and Where

Lesson 5 Prepositions

Lesson 6 Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

Lesson 7 Interrogative Adjectives and Interrogative Pronouns

Lesson 7 The future

Lesson 8 The Conditional Tense

Lesson 9 Comparatives, Superlatives, Diminutives

Lesson 9 Examples at the Present Perfect

Lesson 9 The Past Simple

Lesson 10 The Imperfect Tense

Progress Test 1


Tutor marked Assignment A

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More Advanced English

Key form Lesson 8 to 14

Key from Lesson 1 to 7

Lesson 11 Reflexive Verbs

Lesson 11 The Pluperfect

Lesson 11Key

Lesson 12 Key

Lesson 12 Relative Pronouns

Lesson 13 Active and Passive

Lesson 13 Key

Lesson 13 Subjects and Objects

Lesson 13 The Subjunctive Mood

Lesson 14 Different Classes of Verb

Lesson 14 Intransitive Verbs of Movement

Lesson 14 Key

Lesson 14 Transitive Verbs

Revision from Lesson 8 to 14

Revision from lesson 1 to 7

Tutor marked Assignment C


Practical English

A Thank you Letter

Lesson 16 Complex v Simple

Lesson 16 Different Words  Same Meanings

Lesson 16 Different Words  Same Meanings_ nouns

Lesson 16 False Friends

Lesson 16 Key all activiteies

Lesson 16 Rewriting Passages more clearly

Lesson 16 Same Words  Different Meanings

Lesson 17 Activities

Lesson 17 Comprehension  A Little More Difficult

Lesson 17 Further Problems

Lesson 17 Key

Lesson 17 More about Comprehension

Lesson 17 Problems in Comprehension

Lesson 17 The Art of Comprehension

Lesson 17 The Importance of Reading

Lesson 17 Written Comprehension

Lesson 18 Answer Key

Lesson 18 Different Styles

Lesson 18 How to prepare a Composition or Letter

Lesson 18 Informative Writing

Lesson 18 Letter of Complaint

Lesson 18 Letters

Lesson 18 Narrative Writing

Lesson 18 Observations on Narrative

Lesson 18 Routine Letters

Lesson 18 Sample Description

Lesson 18 The Art of Composition

Lesson 19 Answer Key

Lesson 19 Discussion and retelling stories

Lesson 19 English as she should be spoken

Lesson 19 Listening Writing

Lesson 19 The Interview

Lesson 20 More on Listening and Writing

Lesson 20 Poems

Lesson 20 Snooker

Lesson 20 William Shakespeare

Lesson 20

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More Advanced Language

Lesson 21 Interviews

Lesson 21 Key

Lesson 21 Your CV

Lesson 21 Your Preferred Job

Lesson 22 Activities 3 and 4

Lesson 22 Key

Lesson 22 The Précis or Summary

Lesson 23 Key

Lesson 23 Revision

Lesson 24 Choosing a Dictionary

Lesson 24 Key

Lesson 24 Using the Dictionary

Lesson 25 A Final Look at Language

Lesson 25 Another Look at Poetry

Lesson 25 Key

Progress Test 2  Self Assessment

Tutor Marked Assignment F, A Final Look at Language


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